Krebs & Aulich

Motors for the moon and drives for Nasa

Krebs & Aulich has been calculating, designing, constructing and building electrical machines with the highest levels of efficiency and for special requirements for over 20 years.

With over 100 employees, we now cover the entire value chain and can therefore manufacture customised permanent-magnet motors and generators according to customer requirements. Small series production for test bench environments, the automotive industry and mechanical engineering round off our portfolio.

With sites in Wernigerode, Shanghai and Magdeburg, we research, develop, design and build the future of mobile and stationary electric drives and energy converters.

As a certified production and training company, we supply drives and generators worldwide - in small series and as customised products as well as prototypes and testable initial samples as part of research and development.

In test bench applications, our drives are used by all well-known manufacturers of motors and components, developers and service providers in the field of research and pre-development.