Krebs & Aulich

Hydropower generators

In the hydropower sector, Krebs & Aulich has been supplying generators with permanent magnet excitation for low- and medium-pressure systems from 50 kW to 3,000 kW since 2007.

These are characterised by the inverter-free mains parallel operation of the generator and extremely high efficiency, even at partial load operation.


kW installed power

Operating hours (total)
V1 designVertical

Technical data

Power range:
50 kW to 3,000 kW

Lowest realised speed:
93.75 rpm (at 19 kNm and 190 kW)

Maximum torque Bulb:
192 kNm (at 2.8 MW and 187 rpm)

Maximum torque V1:
76 kNm (at 150 rpm 1.2 MW)

Guaranteed power factor:
> 0.9 cosĪ• in the power range of 25%-125%

up to 98% at full load, up to 97% at 25% load

The strange thing:

Up to 30 % higher efficiency thanks to better utilisation in partial load operation

Noise emissions can be reduced by eliminating gearboxes, especially when retrofitting existing sites. Due to the higher overall efficiency, higher electricity yields are achieved and the higher price compared to an asynchronous machine is amortised in a short time.

The mobile hydropower plant with bulb generator, which was developed together with our partner company, fulfils the highest ecological and urban planning requirements.

The submerged powerhouse, over- and underflow installation and parallel fish ladders make the mobile hydropower plant ideal for upgrading existing crossing structures.

Mobile hydropower plants are already in use at several locations in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.


  • Operation in mains parallelism, no inverter required
  • Maximum efficiency even in partial load operation
  • Utilisation in the low and medium voltage grid with outputs from 50 to 3,000 kW
  • Rapid amortisation due to very high efficiency in all speed ranges
  • Different housing designs possible: B3, V1 and Bulb designs
  • Compared to asynchronous machines, they are lighter, run more quietly and are smaller in size
  • high torques even at low speeds, no excitation losses
  • has a high degree of efficiency and an unlimited number of pole pairs
  • creates design freedom due to its compact design and lack of rotor losses

Burgholz, SwitzerlandPower: 150 kW, speed: 100 rpm


HeilbronnPower: 900 kW, speed: 81.1 rpm