Krebs & Aulich

Small series

In the field of servo motors, Krebs & Aulich supplies small series of motors for primary flight control actuators as well as built-in motors for machine tools and servomotors for the aerospace industry.



Moulded coil winding for a three-axis telescopic actuator with 2000 mm air gap diameter


Test station for magnetic compass systems,
diameter 10m


Drives for machine tool and automation construction

Small series

Small series delivery in the area of traction drives

The strange thing:

Whether in the air, in space or underground - special motors from Krebs & Aulich are used where standardised solutions are no longer sufficient.

Together with our customers, we develop solutions for customised drives - as one-offs or small series. Whether large or small, slow or fast: between 200 grams and 24 tonnes in weight, between 60 millimetres and 5 metres in diameter, from quantities of 1 to several hundred, we have developed and built many things that turn electrically.


  • Customised design for particularly high circumferential speeds
  • Low-loss design for drives with low surface temperatures for reasons of personal safety and machine accuracy
  • Customised special requirements, e.g. vacuum operation, explosion protection
  • increased safety requirements (aerospace applications)


Compensation platformFor calibrating the magnetic compass system of helicopters with an accuracy of 0.02 °
Infrared telescope (DLR and NASA)Three-axis telescopic actuator installed directly in the aircraft